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1 Nucleus
1.1 Chromatin
1.2 Nuclear pores
1.2.1 Allow exit and entry
1.3 Rough ER
1.4 Nucleolus
1.5 Double membrane organelle
1.6 Ribosomes produced
2 DNA in the form of chromatin / chromosomes
3 Info for cells day to day activities and inheritance
4 Found in nucleus and mitochondria
5 Double helix
6 Non dividing cell = chromatin
7 Dividing cell = chromosome
8 23 pairs of chromosomes
9 Nucleotide
9.1 Building block molecules
9.2 Phosphate
9.3 Sugar (deoxyribose
9.4 Base
9.4.1 Thymine
9.4.2 Guanine
9.4.3 Cytosine
9.4.4 Adenine
9.4.5 T ~ A, G ~ C
10 Gene
10.1 Sequence of nucleotides
11 Replication
11.1 Double strands unwind
12 Nuclear division
12.1 Mitosis
12.2 Meiosis
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