Types of Culture


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Types of Culture
  1. High culture
    1. Cultural characteristics enjoyed by those with a higher status in socciety
      1. Examples include opera, ballet, classical music and fine art
        1. Assoiciated with wealth and so called higher 'intellect'
          1. Leavis argued it is an exclusive group, not avaiable to 'outsiders'
            1. Bourdieu suggested it gives people greater opportunities
          2. Popular culture
            1. Every aspect of culture which is not high culture
              1. Activities enjoyed by the masses, 'mass culture'
              2. Some use it as a negative thing. They argue it is mass produced, by the mass media, for an unthinking mass of people
                1. Others argue it gives a voice to ordinary people and that it can bring everyone together
                2. Some forms of high culture were once popular culture, some forms of popular culture were once high culture
                3. Subculture
                  1. A smaller group within society.
                    1. A minority part of a majority culture.
                      1. A culture within a culture
                      2. Subcultures have their own distinct norms and values
                      3. Cultural diversity
                        1. The way society contains a variety of different cultures within
                          1. Linked to subcultures
                          2. Parekh points out some groups, who have distinctive ways of life, can still fit in with mainstream society
                            1. Multiculturalism is the belief that diversity is a good thing and to be celebrated
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