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music ideas of names for my magazine

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Magazine Name Ideas
1 Vibe
1.1 The word vibe for me is a good name for this style of magazine and genre because I feel it portrays the style of the music through this name. Also, this would target the audience of teens and young adults which is the audience the magazine will be for.
2 Station
2.1 I choose this name as an idea for the magazine title because I felt that even though radio can sometimes be classed as out dated the radio is where the songs are in most cases first heard by the viewers. I also felt this name could relate to a wide target audience and also target the teen to young adult audience i am focusing on.
3 Sound
3.1 For the name sound I feel this relates to a larger audience however within this genre of music I feel this name fits very well due to the type of word sound is.
4 Now!
4.1 As I feel the genre of music I have selected is a very current style I felt the name now would fit well down to the fact this word represents the feeling of urgency and therefore portraying somewhat to the viewer that they need this magazine now.
5 Charts
5.1 I feel this suits this genre of magazine as songs from this category of music are usually associated with the official top charts.
5.2 This name idea also gives off a young representation as younger audiences of teens and young adults would be associated with chart music more than older audiences.
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