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1 Practice
1.1 Media Culture
1.1.1 Reality TV and Reinvention of the State Makeover TV post-Fordist, Service-Based Economy Aesthetic Labor & Feminization" Flexible Economy Self-Empowerment Charity TV Family Selection on EM:HE Volunteerism Attempt at Self-Sufficiency Entrepreneurial TV Interventions Homo Oeconomus Neoliberal Governmentality Technologies of the Self Self-Empowerment TV & Self-Defensive Citizen Privatized Risk
1.1.2 Reality TV and Bare Enterprise Dispossession TV Accumulation through Disposession Enterprising Opportunities post- Great Recession Homo Oeconomicus Disposability Hardened Selves
1.1.3 Oprah Mind Cure Mood Economy "O-Approved Strategies" Techniques of the Self
1.2 Everyday Life
1.2.1 Mood Economy Hardened Selves Disposability No Collective Disimagination Insecure Intmacies Human Capital Privatization of Risk Privatization And Personal Responsibility Receding Welfare State Narrative of Self-Transformation Indivdual Inequalities of Insecurity Disavowal of Social/Systemic Causes of Inequality
1.3 Identity and Politics
1.3.1 Neoliberal Feminism Individualized Ambition Gap Disimagination Disavowal of Structural Causes of Inequality Affective Labor
1.3.2 Racial Neoliberalism Richard Sherman and Mike Brown Human Capital Disposability Disimagination
1.3.3 Neoliberal Multiculturalism College Diversity Initiatives Left Neoliberalism
1.3.4 New Homonormativity Marriage Equality LGBT+ Access to Military
1.3.5 Post- Discourses
1.4 Education
1.4.1 The Gates Foundation Creative Capitalism Public Education Market Logics RTTP Competition Opposes Tenure Flexible Economy Human Capital Privatization Undemocratic and Unaccountable Philanthrocapitalism
1.4.2 Commodification of Higher Ed Return on Investment Lacks Moral and Intellectual Functions of Higher Ed Education and Democracy Public Higher Ed Educating Human Capital Disappearing Liberal Arts Cultivated Educated Citizenry Disimagination
1.5 Democracy
1.5.1 Human Capital Individual over Collecttive No Sense of Common Good
1.5.2 Economic Theory of Democracy Citizenship as Consumption
1.5.3 Education and Disimagination Needs Educated Citizens Politics of Disimagination
1.6 Environment
1.6.1 Conscious Capitalism Market Solutions Sustainability? Consumer-Citizens Individual Solution, Global Issue Market as Natural
2 Theory
2.1 Duggan
2.1.1 Privatization and Personal Responsibility
2.1.2 Hierarchies of Gender/Race/Class
2.1.3 Neoliberalism as Flexible Shifting Alliances "Culture Wars" SUNY New Paltz Neoconservatives Defunding Planned Parenthood
2.1.4 Culture of Upward Resdistribution
2.1.5 Public vs. Private as Rhetorical Distinctions
2.1.6 Dismantling the Welfare State
2.2 Brown
2.2.1 Economization of Social and Political Life
2.2.2 Homo Oeconomicus Human Capital Value Determined by Economic Productivity Inequality is the Medium Market Creates Winners & Losers Class & Labor Disappear Individual Market Actor
2.3 Giroux
2.3.1 The 3 Ds Disposability Dispossession Disiminagination
2.4 Mirowski
2.4.1 Thought Collective Mont Pelerin Society
2.4.2 From Labor to Human Capital
2.4.3 Neoliberalism is Constructed, Not Natural
2.4.4 Freedom = Economic Freedom
2.4.5 Market Solutions for All Problems
2.4.6 New Sociology of Knowledge Market as Information Processor Produces Ignorance
2.5 Harvey
2.5.1 Embedded Liberalism to Neoliberalism Liberal Compromise: Business, Labor, and the Government
2.5.2 Globalization Washington Consensus Structural Adjustment Privatization
2.5.3 Accumulation By Dispossession
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