Giuseppe by Roderick Ford

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As English Literature, Edexcel, From Poems of the Decade

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Becca  Smith
Created by Becca Smith almost 4 years ago
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Giuseppe by Roderick Ford
1 Themes
1.1 Collective Guilt
1.2 Humanity's Dark Side
1.3 Moral boundaries
1.4 Pressure of war
1.5 Fairy tales relating to the human world
2 Who is Giuseppe?
2.1 The Uncle of the Narrator
2.2 The Aquarium keeper
3 Contrasts and ambiguities (there are a lot of them!)
3.1 People described
3.1.1 Doctor A doctor should save lives but in this case allows the mermaids death Is NOT a vet, shows how the people present are aware she is more human than fish
3.1.2 Priest "held one of her hands" Praying or holding her down?
3.1.3 Fishmonger Represents the side which she is viewed as an animal
3.1.4 Certain others Hints that people of a high authority are present
3.2 Mermaid
3.2.1 Is one big metaphor for an outsider or enemy that the troops face in war
3.3 Language
3.3.1 Deliberately flat and factual
3.3.2 Only two adjectives and one similie used
4 Who is the narrator?
4.1 Gender is never mentioned
4.1.1 However hints of being female The sympathy for the mermaid The use of the pronoun "they" Separates her views and theirs Would then be Giuseppe's niece
5 What on earth is the poem about?
5.1 The killing of the "only captive mermaid in the world"
5.1.1 It is one large metaphor

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