Job Analysis & Design

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Job Analysis&Design

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Job Analysis & Design
1 Job Specification
1.1 contains
1.1.1 Abilities
1.1.2 Skills
1.1.3 Knowledge
1.1.4 Other Characteristics
2 Job Descriprions
2.1 describes
2.1.1 Task
2.1.2 Duties
2.1.3 Responsibilities
2.1.4 Main components Department or unit Objective Date Job Title Context
3 Due to such a sources
3.1 Questionnaires
3.2 O'Net
3.3 DOT
3.4 Interviews
3.5 Observation
4 Approaches to Job Design
4.1 Design for Efficiency
4.1.1 Industrial Engineering
4.2 Desing for Mental Capacity
4.2.1 Filtering Information
4.2.2 Memory Aids
4.2.3 Clear Display & Instructions
4.3 Design for Motivation
4.3.1 Teamwork
4.3.2 Flexibility
4.3.3 Job Enlargement
4.3.4 Job Enrichment
4.4 Design for Safety & Health
4.4.1 Ergonomics
5 Building Block
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