Educational Policies

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Educational Policies
1 The Tripartite System
2 Education Reform Act 1988- Tories (1988-1997)
2.1 League Tables
2.1.1 Ranked in 5 A*-C
2.1.2 Anyone can access it
2.1.3 Parents are informed what school to choose
2.1.4 Schools are forced to raise standards
2.1.5 AO3 Gilborn and Youdel- leads to an A-C economy Schools only focus on getting Cs Educational Triage Those who will suceed anyway those with potential Hopeless cases
2.2.1 Measures how schools perform Failing schools are put under special measures forces them to improve
2.2.2 Creates compettion
2.2.3 AO3:Creates parentrocracy Lacks validity MC parents also have economic captial MC are more privaliged/semi-skilled/disconnected choosers WC know more about it
2.3 Formula Funding
2.3.1 **Raises standars
2.3.2 AO3: students who go to poor schools don't get the best eduction cycle
2.3.3 Based on how many students attend Successful schools get better facilites
2.4 Open Enrolment
2.4.1 Parents are given the right to send their child anywhere they want Encourages competition Raises standars**
2.4.2 AO3* Creates parentocracy When schols are encourages to raise standards, it advantages students
2.5 National Curriculum
2.5.1 Dictates what students should learn 3 core sujects maths/science/english
2.5.2 AO3* One size fits all doesn't recongise all students girls benifit more Testing pupils at 11 can lead to labelling
3 1997 New Labour Reforms
3.1 Academies
3.1.1 Helps WC**
3.1.2 Promote diversity**
3.1.3 Used to help failing school
3.1.4 Sponsored by buisness provide extra money
3.1.5 Free from local authoirty they can spend money anywhere Aimed to improve outcomes for WC pupils
3.1.6 An academy status will raise achievement
3.1.7 help achieve social mobility
3.1.8 *AO3: Form of privitazation Focus on getting money Teachers may get more money
3.2 Specialist Schools
3.2.1 Promotes diversity**
3.2.2 87% of schools became specialist schools
3.2.3 schools are ecouraged to focus on one subject
3.2.4 Parents get more choice
3.2.5 AO3: MC usually benifit
3.3 Faith Schools
3.3.1 Promotes diversity**
3.3.2 cater for one faith
3.3.3 Parents an choose where they want their child to go
3.3.4 may cause social tension
3.4 Eduaction Action Zones
3.4.1 **Helps WC
3.4.2 partnership between eductional authories and buinesses
3.4.3 focus on underachiveing schools
3.4.4 FREE IT EQUIPTMENT: Would raise anchivement for poor kids
3.4.5 AO3: way of privitsatoin
3.5 EMA
3.5.1 **Helps WC
3.5.2 £30 week for kids who cant afford necessities Provides bonuses for those who met their targets
3.5.3 AO3: didn't encourage enough WC student Tories scrapped it
3.6 Aim Higher
3.6.1 Helps WC**
3.6.2 To widen partiapation in higher eduction Gets more WC to unis d achieve more social mobility
3.6.3 Representatives go into schools and promte to decrease the gap between classes
3.6.4 *AO3: Scrapped by tories
3.7.1 **helps WC
3.7.2 Raising the leaving age from 16 to 18
3.7.3 AO3: Reduces choice fo r student and prolongs dependandy on parenst
4 Conservative-led Coalition 2010
4.1 Enlgish Baccalaureate
4.1.1 Raise standards**
4.1.2 Used to boost a schools league table positions Tackles 'soft subjects' and vocational subjects
4.1.3 Measures how well people do in core subjects
4.1.4 Gove believed poor children were making poor subject choices
4.1.5 *AO3 Language subjects didn't interest students Bacc didn't include RS Disadvantages faith schools
4.2 Academies
4.2.1 **Raises standards
4.2.2 Wanted all pubically funded schools to become acadimes
4.2.3 Mnany of the best students apply for acadimes
4.2.4 AO3* Acadimes are buisness like Cutting local authority could lead to neg impacts
4.3 Free Schools
4.3.1 Promotes choice**
4.3.2 Open to anyone
4.3.3 Parents could focus on things that they want
4.3.4 Creates parentocracy
4.3.5 *AO3:Form of privatisation
4.4 Tuition Fees
4.4.1 Save money**
4.4.2 £9000 per year Used to be £3200
4.4.3 Gvt give loans Only have to pay back when you earn £21,000
4.4.4 AO3:WC are put off only 55% were willing to pay 5k
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