Vampire, Dracula and Victorian Morality Theories

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Vampire, Dracula and Victorian Morality Theories
1 Mary Douglas (1966)
1.1 Purity and Danger (1966)
1.1.1 Social order and heirarchy is symbolised through the sexual body
1.1.2 Prejudice towards other cultures (Eastern Europen in Dracula case) views on sex causes this fear and taboo
1.1.3 She exmined different tribal culture in comparison to westernised beliefs about sex
2 Michael Foucault (1976)
2.1 A History of Sexuality Vol 1 (1976)
2.1.1 We as a society are obsessed with sex
2.1.2 This obsession creates discourse on the conduct of sex and creates tabboo which folk devils cross
2.2 This discourse on sex intensified in the 18th century
3 Anne Rice (1976)
3.1 An Interview with a Vampire (1976)
3.1.1 Vampires are represented as beautiful and immoral, not obeying rules and domination
3.1.2 Doesn't break the trditional sense in that sunrise is their only curfew
3.1.3 They only reveal their ugly side in death
3.1.4 Blood and vampire infection were metaphor for AIDS at the time
4 Stephanie Meyer (2005)
4.1 Twilight (2005)
4.1.1 Vampires counteract the anxieties of the family and American value, they are moral, believe in love, no sex before marriage ect.
4.1.2 They eat animals rather than feast on humans
4.1.3 Fairytale living happily ever after with your middle class vampire family
5 Margaret L. Carter (1997)
5.1 The Vampire as Alien in Contemporary Fiction (1997)
5.1.1 The notion of the outsider in Dracula horrified Victorians, but is perceived as attractive today
6 Rosemary Jackson (1981)
6.1 Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion (1981)
6.1.1 Stoker reinforces social class, racial and sexual prejudices
6.1.2 Society can only remain in tact by excluding that 'other' alien
7 Housel and Wisnewski (2009)
7.1 Twilight and Philosophy (2009)
7.1.1 Food is used as a metaphor for love ans desire as it is likened to hunger
7.1.2 The vampire no longer requires blood but love
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