tissues, organs + organ systems

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tissues, organs + organ systems
1 organs in animals
1.1 tissues
1.1.1 during the development of a multicellular organism, cells differentiate so they can carry out different functions differentiation is when a cell becomes a specialised type of cell
1.1.2 a tissue is a group of specialised cells that have a similar structure + function the diagram above shows some examples of tissues + their functions
1.2 organs
1.2.1 organs are made of tissues
1.2.2 a particular organ may contain several different tissues e.g. the stomach contains: muscular tissue, glandular tissue and epithelial tissue
1.3 the digestive system
1.3.1 organ systems are groups of organs that carry out a particular function
1.3.2 the human body has several organ systems, including: nervous system, respiratory system, reproductive system, digestive system
1.3.3 the digestive system is an example of an organ system in which humans use and other mammals exchange substances with the environment
1.3.4 the digestive systems main tissues and organs: pancreas and salivary glands stomach liver small intestine large intestine
2 organs in plants
2.1 plants are multicellular organisms, like animals
2.2 they usually contain differentiated cells, tissues and organs
2.3 organs
2.3.1 examples of plant organs include: roots stems leaves leaves are adapted to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis
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