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  1. STORGE: affection for things and animals. Sometimes described as 'sentimental love'.
    1. PHILIA: Love for friends and family.
      1. EROS: Sexual love; physical love between two people – usually of the opposite sex
        1. AGAPE: Unconditional love, given freely e.g. parent/child
          1. Christianity
            1. Christianity and Contraception – anything which aims to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. 1. Roman Catholic - preventing conception is against ‘natural law’. 2. The Anglican Church and most other churches, suggest that contraception allows parents to plan their family in a more responsible way. 3. Some Christians will only use some forms of contraception. It depends when they believe life begins.
              1. Christianity and Divorce Roman Catholic Christians - there should be no divorce because: Jesus banned divorce. It is breaking promises It is breaking the 7th Commandment Catholics who divorce are not allowed to remarry. For most other Christians As a last resort divorce is acceptable because God is always prepared to forgive sins if people are determined to live a new life. In St Matthew’s Gospel Jesus allows divorce for adultery.
                1. Christianity and Sex Sex should only happen in marriage. Sex before marriage is wrong. Adultery is wrong (breaks the 7th commandment) Sex within marriage is a gift from God.
                2. Christian Teaching on Marriage Marriage is a gift from God, but Christians do not have to marry. The reasons (purposes) for Christian marriage are to: be able to live together in love; have lawful sex; have comfort and companionship; Have children; create a Christian family.
                  1. Christianity and Same Sex Relationships Same sex marriages are now recognised in the UK. This has led to a lot of discussion in Christianity. Traditional Christians: Sex is for marriage. Marriage is for having children. Marriage is for a man and woman only. Liberal Christians: Christian teachings must adapt; the Bible must be interpreted in a modern way.
                    1. Christian Marriage Ceremony Ceremonies different depending on the Church. Usually have the following: Hymns - to worship God. Declaration that there is no reason why the couple can’t marry. Vows – promises. For example: ‘for better for worse, for richer for poorer, till death us do part.’ Giving of rings is symbolic of never-ending love and faithfulness 5. Prayers and usually a talk about marriage
                    2. Islam
                      1. Islam and Marriage Marriage begins the relationship between two extended Families Marriage is a social contract that has Allah’s sanction. Sex should only happen within marriage. Sex is considered an act of worship. Bringing up of children is an important part of marriage. 5. Polygamy (marriage of a man to more than one wife) is allowed in exceptional circumstances.
                        1. Islam and Contraception Most Muslims allow contraception within a marriage, It is not allowed to encourage having extra marital partners. This is because Allah wants couples to be happy within marriage.
                          1. Islamic Marriage Ceremony 1. Religious ceremony witnessed by Allah and a public ceremony witnessed by the community 2. A contract (nikah) drawn up in advance by the families of bride and groom and a dowry (mahr) paid by the groom to the bride. 3. An Imam is often present. 4. Vows are exchanged and each partner makes a marriage declaration. 5. A big feast takes place afterwards.
                            1. Islam and Divorce 1. Permitted but only as a last resort. 2. In Shariah Law (Muslim Law) the man says “I divorce you” three separate times and this ends the marriage. 3. There is often a period of three months after the first of these declarations to allow time for reflection. 4. Not legal in UK as Shariah Law is not part of the British legal system. 5. A woman may ask a Shariah court for a divorce.
                              1. Islam and Sex Does not allow sex before or outside marriage Living together is banned. Boys and girls kept separate in the Mosque. This is based on the teachings of the Qur’an. The Qur’an also teaches that adultery is a great sin. Sex within marriage is an act of worship
                                1. Islam and same-sex relationships Sex is for married couples and for making children. Same-sex relationships are Haram (forbidden).
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