John 6: 30-35

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Notes for exegesis on John 6- bread of life

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John 6: 30-35
  1. What happens before?:-
    1. John 6- /7 sign- feeding the 5000, walking on water
      1. Bread of Life- theme of eternal life, setting of passover
        1. Greek= Zoe- Eternal life
    2. Verse 30
      1. As a condition for believeing, the crowd demand another sign
        1. They have already seen signs eg feeding, walking on water
          1. Asking for further signs as though he hasn't performed enough to satisfy them
          2. Johannine play on physical versus spiritual- food that perishes/food remains for eternal life
          3. Verse 32
            1. "Very truly"- Amen Amen, showing the importance of what Jesus is about to say
              1. Exodus 16- Moses and the manna
                1. Uses this to say that it is through someone even greater who gives the true bread of life
                2. Comparison with Moses- key verse for Jesus' declaration that he is 'bread of life'
                3. Verse 33
                  1. shifts from Bread of Heaven to bread of God
                    1. bread of God is not food for the body but life to the world
                  2. Verse 31
                    1. Dialogue between Jesus and the crowd is similar to the conversation with the Samaritan woman who askes if he is greater than Jacob
                      1. The crowd want to know if he can compare to Moses
                    2. Verse 34
                      1. They begin to understand that this is a new type of bread but do not know that it is Jesus
                        1. This passage still indicates a connection with John 6 and Samaritan woman through the physical that gives eternal life
                        2. Verse 35
                          1. Greek= Ego emi- I Am
                            1. Indicates his divinity and God's self-identification is now claimed by Jesus
                            2. Jesus is the bread, just like in chapter 4 he is the water, that satisfies forever
                              1. Jesus uses human elements of life to show that he is the one who meets all of man's needs
                              2. What happens after?:-
                                1. When Jesus finishes this discourse, there is hostility towards Jesus from the crown and some leave him.
                                  1. Jesus later introduces the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit gives life.
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