USA - Historical roots of immigration II

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USA - Historical roots of immigration II
1 "from rags to riches, from dishwasher to millionaire"
1.1 many immigrants believed that they would have a better life in the US
1.1.1 believed that everyone could become successful if he / she just worked hard enough
1.2 the American Dream includes liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness
2 Impact of the two World Wars on immigration? How did the Congress react?
2.1 two World Wars: the influx of immigration was brought to a halt
2.2 Congress passed stricter immigration laws
3 Changes in US immigration policy after the late 60s
3.1 government dropped racially based quotas
3.2 government favoured immigration from Third World nations
3.3 number of coloured immigrants has increased considerably
4 Most important facts about immigration today (focus: Hispanic and Asian immigration)
4.1 today: over 52 million Hispanics in the US
4.1.1 represent the fastest growing population group
4.1.2 growing force is no longer immigration, but an increased number of births
4.2 Chinese came towards the end of the 19th century
4.2.1 many prejudices (e.g. take away jobs)
4.2.2 anti-Chinese riots in 1880 for about 50 years: Chinese were seen as a danger; strict limitations on living in the US
4.2.3 From 1952: flow from the Far East increased
4.2.4 1970s: many came as refugees after the end of Vietnam war
4.3 today: about 18 million people with Asian descend
4.3.1 one of the most successful of all immigrant groups higher income children study at best universities
5 Controversial attitudes towards immigration to the US
5.1 early days
5.1.1 most immigrants were welcomed because they contributed to the success of the country
5.2 today
5.2.1 2/3 would like to reduce immigration, but they also think that legal immigration is not bad
5.2.2 others complain about costs, crime and diseases and about the burdens on schools and welfare rolls
5.2.3 the fast success of many immigrants leads to envy, resentment, growing discrimination and even hostility and violence against newcomers
6 "Salad Bowl" / "Melting Pot"
6.1 number of coloured immigrants has risen considerably when the government dropped racially based quotas on immigration
6.1.1 "Browning of America"
6.2 not all non-Europeans want to assimilate
6.2.1 stick to their traditions, language...
6.2.2 Latinos have their own theatres, cinemas, TV channels, restaurants...
6.3 salad bowl: combination of many cultures, living and working together, each distinct and seperate. They have not melted together, so there's no "melting pot"
7 Current tendencies of illegal immigration
7.1 increased drastically in the last decades
7.2 particularly Mexicans who cross the Rio Grande
7.3 about 11.5 million foreign nationals live in the US without the necessary documents
7.4 many enter legally (e.g. tourists) and don't leave when the visas expire
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