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Tom Mellor
Created by Tom Mellor almost 4 years ago
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1 Application Software (Programs used to perform certain tasks for the user)
1.1 Game Software e.g. Counter Strike
1.2 Online Store e.g. Steam
1.3 Word Processing Software e.g. Microsoft Word
1.4 Web Browser e.g. Google Chrome
1.5 Music Software e.g. ITunes
1.6 Defragmentation Software e.g. Smart Defrag
1.7 Presentation Software e.g. Microsoft Powerpoint
1.8 Photoediting Software e.g. Photoshop
1.9 Programming Software e.g. Python
1.10 Overclocking Software e.g. MSI Afterburner
1.11 Antivirus Software e.g. Avast
1.12 Web Authoring Software e.g. Dreamweaver
1.13 Spreadsheet Software e.g. MS Excel
1.14 Types of Application Software
1.14.1 Off the Shelf -Bought in a specific way and cannot be modified
1.14.2 Custom Written:- Written for a specific purpose and can be modified
2 System Software (Programs needed to run the computer)
2.1 Operating System e.g. Microsoft Windows 10
2.1.1 Functions- Provides a file explorer, internet browser, multitasking and defragmenter
2.2 File Browsing Software e.g. File Explorer
2.3 Audio Software e.g. Volume Control
3 Hardware is physical, Software is virtual

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