Science and Technology - Medicine

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Science and Technology - Medicine
  1. Organ Donation
    1. is the process of providing a person with one or more of another person's organs / tissues / blood
      1. Donated organs are removed from a deceased or living donor through a surgical procedure
        1. organs
          1. kidney
            1. parts of the pancreas
              1. lung
                1. liver
                  1. heart
                  2. tissue
                    1. blood
                    2. Genetics and Cloning
                      1. Advantages
                        1. Solve fertility problems
                          1. Organ and tissue harvesting
                            1. Filling a void
                              1. bring back people who died
                              2. Designer Babies
                                1. enables parents to choose the characteristics of their baby
                                2. Fighting genetic diseases
                                3. Disadvantages
                                  1. Cloned humans may suffer from prejudices and discrimination
                                    1. Risk of Mutations
                                      1. Development of new diseases
                                        1. Ethical issues
                                          1. cloning = playing god?
                                          2. insufficient research
                                        2. Therapeutic cloning
                                          1. Pros
                                            1. cure a tissue or diseases
                                              1. people can have a normal life
                                                1. diseases become treatable
                                                  1. revolution in medical therapy
                                                    1. Embryonic stem cells can develop in every body cell >> pluripotent
                                                    2. Cons
                                                      1. It's not okay to take a young life in order to save an old one
                                                        1. human life should be protected
                                                          1. adult stem cells are safer
                                                            1. cells can turn into tumors
                                                              1. life begins at fertilization
                                                            2. Reconstructive / cosmetic surgery
                                                              1. burn victims
                                                                1. people who are not confident with themselves
                                                                  1. face transplant
                                                                  2. Are we playing god?
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