International Relations

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International Relations
1 Alliances
1.1 Friendship
1.2 Helping eachother
1.3 Working togther
1.4 Could cause you to have to go into a war situation
1.5 Cause rivalry
1.6 System
1.6.1 Triple Alliane Germany 1879 G & A-H signed the Dual Alliance If attacked by R they would support each other Became known as Central Powers Austria- Hungary Italy 1882 became Triple Alliance I &G aid each other if attacked by France Feared the British Navy
1.6.2 Triple Entente Britain 1904 signed the Dual Entente Became known as the Entente Cordiale Settled differences between two countries Russia 1894 F & R signed alliance Needed loans from F France Wanted ally against G
2 Great Powers
2.1 Britain
2.1.1 Followed policy of splendid isolation
2.1.2 British empire covered nearly 25% of the world
2.1.3 Most powerful navy in the world
2.1.4 Most industrial developed nation
2.1.5 Britain moved away from isolation due to increasing threats from German Navy
2.2 France
2.2.1 Revenge on Germany
2.2.2 Wished to expand its empire
2.3 Russia
2.3.1 Biggest of six powers
2.3.2 Backward in terms of industrial development
2.4 Germany
2.5 Austria- Hungry
2.6 Italy
3 Causes of world war one
3.1 MAIN
3.1.1 Militarism
3.1.2 Alliances
3.1.3 Imperialism
3.1.4 Nationalism
4 Militarism
4.1 Strong Navy
4.1.1 Btitain was an island
4.1.2 It needed a Navy to protect its coastline
4.1.3 To protect vast overseas empire
4.1.4 Relied on trade from other nations
4.2 Effects
4.2.1 Threatened by G
4.2.2 Relations got worse
4.2.3 Look for alliances
4.2.4 British ships would patrol the north sea if war broke out

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