AQA Geography Restless Earth Case Studies

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Geography GCSE Restless Earth case study details

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AQA Geography Restless Earth Case Studies
1 Restless Earth
1.1 Kobe Earthquake
1.1.1 Effects Primary 35,000 injured Buildings and bridges collapsed despite earthquake proof designs 5000 killed Secondary Gas mains fractured causing buildings to be destroyed by fire 300,000 people left homeless
1.1.2 Responses Short Term People evacuated Rations provided Rescue teams searched for survivors for 10 days Refugees moved to tempoaryy housing Long Term People moved permanently away from the area Construction industry jobs created as part of rebuilding programme $2 billion spent to prevent liquifaction
1.1.3 7.4 Richter Scale. Plate movement between Philippines plate, Pacific plate and Eurasian plate
1.2 Kashmir, Pakistan Earthquake
1.2.1 8th Oct 2005 7.6 Richter Scale Movement along destructive margin
1.2.2 Effects Secondary Landslides buried people and buildings and cut off supplies Diarrhoea and other diseases spread due to little clean water Freezing winter conditions after the earthquake made rescue and rebuilding operations increasingly difficult Primary 80,000 deaths Hundreds of thousands injured Thousands of buildings destroyed 3million homeless Water pipelines and electricity lines broken, cutting off supply
1.2.3 Responses Short term People rescued eachother without equipment due to emergency services taking long time Tents, blankets and medical supplies distributed International aid, helicopters, rescue dogs, and equipment was bought in Long terms Around 40,000 relocated from Balakot to a new town Government money given to people whose homes were destroyed Training provided to build earthquake resistant buildings New health centers set up in the area
1.2.4 No local disaster planning in place
1.2.5 Buildings weren't earthquake resistant
1.2.6 Poor communications
1.3 Montserrat
1.3.1 Impacts Primary Large areas covered in volcanic material Capital city of Plymouth covered in 12m of ash and mud Over 20 villages and two thirds of homes destroyed by pyroclastic flows Schools, hospitals, the airport and the port were destroyed Vegetation and farmland destroyed 19 people died and 7 injured Secondary Fires destroyed many buildings including local government offices, police HQ and petrol stations Tourists stayed away causing businesses to be destroyed and effecting the economy Population decline 8000 of 12,000 left since 1995 Volcanic ash has improved soil fertility Tourism now increasing as people come to see the volcano
1.3.2 Responses Short term People evacuated from the south to the north Shelters built to house evacuees UK provided £17mil aid Local emergency services provided support finding survivors Temp infrastructure built Long term Risk map was created with an exclusion zone put in place South of the island is off limits UK provided £41mil to develop the north of the island Montserrat Volcano Observatory set up to predict future eruptions
1.3.3 June 25 1997
1.3.4 Destructive plate margin, Atlantic forced beneath Caribbean
1.3.5 4 million m3 rocks and gas released
1.4 Mt. Yellowstone
1.4.1 Effects 2/3 America uninhabitable 87,000 would be killed 1000 miles away deposited ash will be up to 10ft Global temperatures would decrease by 20degrees 25 mile high ash cloud Everything within 100 miles destroyed 10,000km3 land erupted 1/3 affected people will die Collapse of global economy UK would receive ash cloud 5 days after eruption
1.4.2 Caldera 55km by 80km
1.4.3 Located north west USA Wyoming
1.4.4 Magma chamber 8km deep, 80km long and 40km wide

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