Launch of new Ocean Exploration Centre at Titanic Belfast

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Launch of Titanic Belfast Visitor Attraction - CAM Diploma

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Launch of new Ocean Exploration Centre at Titanic Belfast
1 Social Media Platforms
1.1 Facebook
1.2 Twitter
1.3 YouTube
1.4 Pinterest
1.5 Instagram
1.6 TripAdvisor
1.7 Soundcloud
2 Digital Marketing Initiatives
2.1 Official Website
2.1.1 Ticket Sales
2.1.2 Introduction to new OEC and Titanic Belfast
2.1.3 Education about Titanic Belfast
2.2 Advertising on partner websites
2.3 Time-span Videos (YouTube)
2.4 Establish keywords: 'Titanic' 'Belfast' and "Ocean Exploration'
2.5 Invite Ocean Exploration/Marine experts
2.6 Press Releases/Offline PR
2.6.1 Media Relations
2.7 Blog
2.8 Email Marketing - Schools ezine to teachers and educators
2.9 Images
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