Cells, Organs and Populations

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Biology 2A

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Cells, Organs and Populations
  1. Animal cell
    1. Nucleus
      1. Cytoplasm
        1. Cell membrane
          1. Ribosomes
            1. Mitochondria
            2. Plants
              1. Contains all features of animal cell
                1. Permanent Vacuole
                  1. Permanent Vacuole
                    1. Choloroplast
                    2. Yeast
                      1. Is a single celled microorganism
                        1. Bacteria
                          1. Cell Wall
                            1. Cytoplasm
                              1. Cell Membrane
                                1. Genetic Material
                                  1. Replaced Nucleus
                                  2. Ribosomes
                                2. Cytoplasm
                                  1. Cell membrane
                                    1. Nucleus
                                    2. Diffusion
                                      1. Net movement of particles of high concentration to low oncentration
                                        1. bigger difference in concentration = faster diffusion
                                          1. shorter the difference particles travel = quicker the diffusion
                                            1. greater the SA particles diffuse across = quicker the rate of diffusion
                                            2. Occurs in solution and gases
                                              1. Particles are free to move
                                              2. Diffusion occurs in cells
                                                1. Cell Membrane
                                                  1. Small substances can diffuse through CM
                                                    1. Amino Acids
                                                      1. Water
                                                        1. Glucose
                                                        2. Let things in and out of cell
                                                        3. Big molecules cannot diffuse
                                                          1. Starch and Proteins
                                                      2. Specialised Cells
                                                        1. Palisade Leaf adapted for photosynthesis
                                                          1. Packed with chloroplast
                                                            1. Upper part of leaf to absorb light
                                                              1. Tall shape = a lot of surface area
                                                                1. Thin shape = space for loads at the top as columns
                                                                  1. At the top where photosynthesis happens
                                                                  2. Guard Cells
                                                                    1. Kidney shape opens and closes stomata in leaf
                                                                      1. Lots of water
                                                                        1. Plump and Turgid
                                                                          1. Stomata opens so gases are exchanged for photosynthesis
                                                                        2. Short of water
                                                                          1. GC lose water and become flacicid
                                                                            1. Makes stomata close stoppnig water vapour leaving
                                                                          2. Thin outer walls and thickened inner walls
                                                                            1. Allows opening and closing
                                                                            2. Controls gas exhange and water loss
                                                                            3. Red Blood Cell
                                                                              1. Conclave shape + big surface area and easy pass in capillaries
                                                                                1. Packed with haemoglobins which absorb oxygen
                                                                                  1. No nucleus = MORE haemoglobins
                                                                                    1. Adapted to carry oxygen
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