W230 Fashion Portfolio

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Created by emmagilluley almost 6 years ago
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W230 Fashion Portfolio
1 15 x A4
1.1 Observation - through drawing and/or photography. (4 x A4 images)
1.1.1 Inspiration - collected and annotated images which inspire you creatively. (2 x A4 images) Colour awareness - through painting and/or photography and/or collage. (4 x A4 images) Design development - from concept to final outcome. (5 x A4 images) Written work - 200 words which should answer the question: What is your favourite contemporary designer and why? How does his/her work inspire your creation?
1.2 Format: Images may be single images, mood board type layout and may contain more than one piece [i.e. painting & fabric sample] per image, however, they should be clear to view.
1.3 The hardback envelope should be clearly labelled on the back with your name and the programme code and programme name.
2 There should be no mounting of your images, but you may wish to consider paper quality that shows the true colour of your portfolio work.
2.1 Deadline date for receipt of portfolio is Friday, 31st January 2014.
3 Writing Skills You will also be asked to submit a piece of written work of maximum 200 words.
4 Selection Team:
4.1 Garment Awareness - A fashion garment interest normally demonstrated through either a design project or garment making or an investigation of the style and construction of contemporary or historical clothing through observational drawing and photography.
4.2 Silhouette - This element of the portfolio of work will explore the shape and detail of garments and an interest in the use of colour and pattern within a garment or outfit to complete a ‘look’. General design skills and understanding.
4.2.1 Drawing and Painting - A balance of observational and expressive drawing and painting which demonstrates an interest in form and its construction and a confidence in communicating this clearly.
4.2.2 Colour and Pattern - An understanding of colour and pattern, repeat and scale which can be conveyed through drawing, painting and collage, as well as design projects. Fashion Designer Awareness - The portfolio should demonstrate an awareness of the work of individual designers, retail, design trends and the social factors which influence fashion. This knowledge can be achieved by observation, reading and visiting exhibitions, museums and fashion shows.
5 The selection team will not expect to see all of this in every portfolio, but will expect some elements to be present and supported by an enthusiasm for fashion and a motivation and ambition to join the programme.

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