Reducing my ecological footprint By Matthew

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Reducing my ecological footprint By Matthew
1 Transportation
1.1 Five example:Roads,Rails,Vehicals,Bikes,Walking
1.2 How to Reduce
1.2.1 I can learn how to take care of my car,which will reduce malfuntioning and repair cost and increase efficentcy of the car.Pumping tires and oil checks frequently to maintain cars condition
1.2.2 If I happen to have to use the car for my own conveinents I will make sure the driver is efficent with the fuel.This means not suddenly excelerating or leaving the gas on when not nessasary,This will all lead to more car efficentcy with the gas and less oil being wasted.
1.2.3 To reduce some gas payment and repairs you can carpool,Rent and share cars.You can use this If public transportation is not conveinent to you
1.2.4 Instead of driving to where ever i need to go I can walk, this will decrease pollution,traffic,usage of oil and imporve my health
1.2.5 When I need to go somewhere thats not walking distance, instead of taking cars or private vehicals use the public transit as it is better for the environment in the way that everyone uses the same fuel in -stead of everyone using there own individual feul which pollutes the environment more..
2 Housing
2.1 Five examples:Condos,Apartment,Town house,Free standing,Duplex
2.2 How to reduce
2.2.1 A bigger task to reduce ussage of heating air is air sealing your home to reduce air escaping your house. Sealing your house can reduce your ecological footprint by reducing the amount of heating you need in your house,
2.2.3 Water bills use up alot of resources to be transported and cleaned to be used at your house,Especially hot water.My goal is to use less hot water. This will reduce energy cost as hot water is accounted for 14% of energy usage
2.2.4 From now on whenever I have to buy A new appliance or something that uses electricity,Im going to choose energy efficent products such as Led light bulbs This will reduce money usage and electrical bills for the house which also reduces my ecological footprint
2.2.5 When away or not present im willing to give up my living space up for rent temparaly to help pay for housing bills This will improve my ecological foot print becuase I am sharing how much space I take up
2.2.6 Some things that very few people do is create there own electricity by using systems such as solar energy.Although this is costly me and my family have considered doing this to reduce money wasted on extra electricty.This may be exspensive now but all the money we save up after years will add up to a savings
3 Food choices
3.1 Five examples:Portion size,Intake of calories or sugar.Food group,Food quality,Price
3.2 How to reduce
3.2.2 I wont always vouch for the best fruits and veges and once in a while go for the little blemisshed ones,they are just as tasty ans nutritious and go away with just a kitchen knife This will get rid of soon to be rotten food that will go to waste and affect the environment
3.2.3 To reduce lots of waste and money usage I can recover food using the food hierarchy which includes methods such as reusing,donating to the poor,feeding animals and composting.These methods put the food in use in another way
3.2.4 I am going to give myself proper portion sizes instead of being greedy and serving myself more than I can eat.. This will help reduce the waste of food because there will never be any left overs to throw away.This also involves shopping for food,Never over shop as you might not use everything you buy
3.2.5 In almost every meal I have meat, to reduce this would help the environment as meat is an expensive product and isn't easy to produce .Also dairy I tend to have often and is just as exspensive not eating meat or dairy isn't so bad once in a while,It wont make a dramatic change in my life and I think the expensive product can take a break
4 Perserve open space, farm land and critical environment.I choose this because I think this is A very smart area to improve on as its it important to keep the environment healthy and has alot of area for improvement.This is shown in areas in Richmondhill where they are cutting down several trees just to make more houses and services because people are too lazy to drive or walk a few more mintues to get to there services. This is specifically happening where service are being and based on conveinents. This problem is affecting habitats for animals and ruining the good soil that richmond hill has to offer that can be used for crops and farming.Yes this does give people more liveability, and yes we need more housing as the population grows but is it worth slowing taking our resources and environment as we only have limited supply of this.In only rare places do they have soil as fertile like this.
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