Reducing My Ecological Footprint

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Reducing My Ecological Footprint
1 Food Choices
1.1 Attempting to buy locally grown foods whenever possible to replace imported foods could reduce my footprint by reducing the amount of gas used to transport foods and is relatively easy
1.1.1 Can grow food in back/front yard if there is space to save on moving food around.
1.2 Attempt to purchase more foods without packaging or with less packaging to reduce total waste that I produce
1.3 Could consume less meat and dairy because both use a lot of space to make and waste some resources for growing and maintaining.
1.3.1 Due to bodily functions organisms consume about 10x more energy then they give off when consumed.
1.4 Can also make sure to finish food rather than throwing it away especially meat and dairy because they are a lot harder to create and wasting food leads you to use more food
2 Transportation
2.1 Walking to places nearby instead of driving could reduce my ecological footprint by lowering the amount of cars on the street therefore reducing air pollution.
2.1.1 Could also bike to slightly farther places that are still in a close area
2.2 Choosing to take public transit (Like a Bus) rather then a car to have less cars on the streets and reduce air pollution
2.3 Could also carpool to places that are not near bus routes instead of having 2 separate cars on the street
3 Housing
3.1 Remember to open and close windows to regulate the temperatures of rooms and waste less on heating by keeping windows open
3.2 When I am not using something requiring energy I can plug it out fully to save energy because some things drain small amounts of energy even when off while plugged in
3.3 Instead of using a dryer which uses lots of energy, could hang close outside if it is warm enough to dry them
3.4 Attempt to use things longer that were going to be thrown away rather than throwing them away when they are still useable
3.4.1 Not always trying to get newest models unless the difference between them is great or necessary
3.5 Sunlight is always a good thing to use over wasting electricity on lights
4 Smart Growth Analysis
4.1 I chose providing a variety of transportation choices. I chose this because in our community there are many people who require and use public transportation to get around. I feel having the choice to use other methods of transportation helps a lot with reducing cars on the streets and reducing pollution. I feel our community somewhat lacks this because there are some people still forced to drive or walk longer distances because other forms of transportation are not available for their location. An increase in bike lanes and areas to bike could also reduce the need for even buses and further decrease pollution.
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