Section B - AO1

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Section B

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Section B - AO1
1 Define involuntary manslaughter as being three types
1.1 unlawful act manslaughter
1.2 Gross negligent Manslaughter
1.3 Reckless manslaughter
2 Unlawful Act Manslaughter
2.1 The D must do an unlawful act-Franklin
2.2 cannot be an omission- Lowe
2.3 The act must be dangerous on an objective test (some harm) - Franklin and SM + JM
2.4 The act must cause the death- Kennedy
2.5 The act must require mens rea- Newbury and Jones
2.5.1 Intentionally
2.6 Reasonable man must foresee some harm
3 Gross Negligent Manslaughter
3.1 The existence of a duty of care towards the victim
3.2 Breach of that duty of care which causes death
3.3 which the jury considers to be criminal
3.4 Negligence on a part of the D must be so 'gross' in the eyes of the jury to be deemed criminal
3.5 Singh, Bateman and Misra +another
4 Reckless Manslaughter
4.1 After the decision in Adomako - rumoured no longer to exists
4.2 Although in Lidar the judge referred to recklessness
4.3 The D could have been convicted under Gross Negligent Manslaughter
5 Omissions in relation to Doctors and Medical Treatment
5.1 if Doctors decide it is in the patients best interest then it Is not unlawful
5.2 Although, euthanasia by a positive act termininating a patients life would remain unlawful.
5.3 Bland, Jordan and Dytham.
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