Boscastle Flood

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aqa geography boscastle flood case study

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Boscastle Flood
  1. Causes
    1. 60mm+ rainfall in 2 hours
      1. Ground saturated due to 2 weeks of above average rainfall
        1. Drainage basin has sleep slopes and areas of impermeable slate causing rapid surface run-off
          1. Boscastle is at the confluence of three rivers
            1. River Valency
              1. River Jordan
                1. River Paradise
              2. Effects
                1. Homes, businesses and cars swept away
                  1. Income from tourism was lost, impacting the local economy
                    1. Vast number of insurance claims
                      1. No deaths
                      2. Responses
                        1. Sandbags put in place
                          1. £4.5 million flood defence scheme
                            1. Helicopters from RAF and Navy rescued people
                              1. Buildings searched
                                1. Drainage systems improved
                                  1. River banks reinforced
                                    1. Channels widened and deepened
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