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1 Process
1.1 provide a service
1.2 rely Win API
1.3 Ever running
2 Components
2.1 Service App
2.2 Service Control Program
2.2.1 Services.msc
2.3 Service Control Manager
3 How is create?
3.1 1. El instalador del program debe registrar su servicio
3.1.1 2. Setup call a Advapi32.dll function CreateService Specify: Type (single,share), Path, Display Name, Account - context security, Startup Type(Manual,Automatic), Error Code (how react?) 3. A message is sended to SCM 4. SCM crea key in Registry HKLM\System\ CurrentControlSet\Services Save all parameters


  • Note The SCM does not access a service’s Parameters subkey until the service is deleted, at which time the SCM deletes the service’s entire key, including subkeys like Parameters.
4 How Start a service?
4.1 SCM send Start command
4.1.1 Process main thread run StartServiceCtrlDispatcher Accet List of services point Named pipe communication to SCM Service thread Is Running? YES Call RegisterServiceCtrlHandler --> save the Service Control Handler in the main process Implemented for manage a lot of SCM commands Inicialyze SERVICE SCM ask its progress Service thread --> Loop waiting REQUESTS from CLIENT APPs NO Return to the main function Free resources before out
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