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1 Providing a user interface
1.1 Graphical user interface
1.1.1 communication by the way of images Eg. window, Icon
1.2 Command line interface
1.2.1 needs sets of commands eg. DELETE C:/FILE.TXT
2 Memory management
2.1 program that are open and data that is being used take up space in memory
3 Peripheral management
3.1 a hardware, that is plugged into the computer
3.1.1 Eg, keyboard, mouse
4 Multitasking
4.1 Running more than one program at the same time.
4.1.1 Eg. listening to music while playing games
5 Security
5.1 allows u to keep the data and the programs secure
5.1.1 eg. Antivirus, firewall
6 Utility program management
6.1 Disk organisation
6.2 Defragmentation
6.3 File Transfer
6.4 Disk Formatting
7 System maintenance
7.1 System clean-up tools
7.1.1 Keep computer operating efficiently
7.2 Automatic updating
7.2.1 Ensure that a computer always has the most up-to-date version
8 Choosing Application software
8.1 Custom-written
8.1.1 Specifically for you
8.2 Off the shelf
8.2.1 Buy from a shop or pay to download
8.3 Open source
8.3.1 Access to the code and allows you to make changes to customise it to meet your exact needs
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