The Deliverer

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The Deliverer
  1. Word Connotations
    1. A midwife
      1. God (delivering from evil)
        1. Something is being handed over
        2. Place name significance
          1. Our Lady of the light convent Kerela
            1. 'Our lady' refers to the virgin Mary
              1. 'convent' implies nuns- who often run orphanages
                1. Kerela is a small island of the coast of India
                2. Milwaukie Airport
                  1. Very obscure place, suggests what ever happens here could happen anywhere
                3. Basic plot
                  1. A nun ('sister') drops off a baby who was abandoned at birth for being female. A family from the USA have adopted her and have arrived at the airport to meet her for the first time.
                    1. However this is when it starts to get ambiguous...
                      1. The baby 'grows up on video tapes' is put in front of the TV or revisits her life when older on tape. She is 'passed from woman to woman' either being put into care again or is looked after by different family/friends.
                        1. The ending, she 'returns to twilight corners'
                          1. She visits Kerala and discovers her past- how women abandon their children
                            1. Or she visits Kerala and becomes like her own mother and is know abandoning her own daughter
                              1. Either way the plot is cyclical and ends with another abandoned child
                    2. The authors message
                      1. The author is clearly against abandoning children
                        1. Through the narrator (who appears jealous of the babies attention from her mother) she shows how we all take family life for granted
                          1. She uses modern-ish items to depict how this is not an issue the world has overcome 'video' and 'airports' even though the idea of abandoning your child seems very primitive
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