Look We Have Coming To Dover! By Daljit Nagra

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Look We Have Coming To Dover! By Daljit Nagra
1 The title
1.1 Purposefully incorrect, should read look we have come to Dover
1.1.1 Hints that the narrator does not have English as a first language
1.2 Dover, most famous for its white cliffs
1.3 The exclamation mark shows the excitement of the narrator, implies it has been a long trip and they are relieved or that they are just pleased to be in England
2 Epigraphy: 'so various, so beautiful, so new'
2.1 From Matthew Arnolds poem 'Dover Beach'
2.2 Written in 1851, Arnold imagines the withdrawal of religion from England, and the conflict and disorder he thinks would follow
3 The aim of this poem
3.1 Daljit Nagra dislikes this new view on immigration and wants it to go back to how Matthew Arnold saw it
3.2 It questions the readers view of immigration by using sound imagery to almost place them there with the others
4 Language: colloquial, idioms, dialects-hybrid of language, alliteration, assonance, rhyme and half rhyme. Themes: identity, opposition, blending of cultures. Tone: satirical
5 Key Points
5.1 Numerous words are created by Nagra, 'Blair'd', 'beeswax'd' to show the merging of the two cultures which is not always shown as being particulally positive
5.2 Lots of animalistic imagery 'tourists prow'd', 'seagull and shoal life' to show the abuse the immigrants put up with
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