Cloud-based digital learning infrastructure

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Cloud-based digital learning infrastructure
1 Interoperable components
2 tech solutions & edu services
2.1 Creation, mix and reuse


  • contents, services, applications & contextual data for interactive learning process (e.g. authoring and modelling tools; syndication tools; networked objects; electronic publishing platforms; social and collaborative networks);
2.2 Environments for learning experiences & experimentation


  • e.g. 3D simulation and modelling technologies, visualisation technologies, augmented and virtual reality, location intelligence, intelligent tutors and other adaptive and multimodal technologies);
2.3 support services


  • (e.g. learning analytics for creating, collecting, storing, sharing learner/educational data in a systematic, secure way).
2.4 enable co-design, co-creation, repurposing
2.4.1 Personalised
2.4.2 Collaborative
2.4.3 skill validation dynamic real time assessment
2.4.4 experimental learning
3 primary & secondary education
4 Security & privacy for users
5 flexible, scalable & cost-effective
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