Planning my music video: Representations

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Representations in my music video.

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Planning my music video: Representations
1 We plan to only have one character in our music video (which will be played by me).
2 I will be starring in the video, both lip synching and acting in clips to set the scene and tone of the video.
2.1 We decided that this would work best, as I am roughly the same age as our target audience and chosen artist.
2.1.1 This will make our target audience more invested in our video, as they will be able to relate to the main character. It also makes our video more realistic and believable as I could genuinely be the artist.
3 In our music video, the 'artist' (me) will be presented as confident and independent through shots of her exploring a city on her own and lip synching directly to the camera.
3.1 Her clothing will be modern and stylish. It will fit the genre of the song (indie pop)
3.1.1 This will reflect the style and attitude of the artist that sings the song, and will keep up the image she has established in the media.
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