The neo-conventional family

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The neo-conventional family
1 Derived by Chester
2 Recognises increase in family diversity
2.1 Positive approach
2.2 Doesn't see any other major changes
2.3 Extent and importance of family diversity has been exaggerated
2.4 Sees nuclear family as dominant
3 Dual-earner family where both spouses go to work
4 Nuclear family remains ideal for most
4.1 Other family types usually temporary
4.2 Most live in a NF at some point in their lives
5 Chester identifies a number of patterns
5.1 Most people live in a household headed by a married couple
5.2 Most adults still marry and reproduce
5.3 Divorce has increased but so had remarriage
5.4 Cohabitation is often a temporary phase before marriage
5.5 Most births outside marriage are jointly registered - both parents present in life of child

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