The Rapoports

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Created by dottydiva96 almost 6 years ago
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The Rapoports
1 Believe in five types of family diversity
2 Diversity is essential
3 Britain has adopted a pluralist approach to families
4 Family diversity represents greater freedom of choice and widespread acceptance of different cultures and ways of life
5 Diversity is a response to different needs and wishes
6 Organisational diversity
6.1 Differences in ways family roles are organised
6.2 E.g. Joint conjugal roles, segregated conjugal roles, dual-wage earners
7 Cultural diversity
7.1 Different ultural, religious and ethnic groups have different family structures
7.2 e.g. African-Caribbean families - matrilineal
8 Social diversity
8.1 Differences in structure partly the result of income differences between households of different classes
8.2 Class differences in child-rearing
9 Life-stage diversity
9.1 e.g. newly-weds, children (NF), widowed (single-person household)
10 Generational diversity
10.1 Different attitudes and experiences in generations
10.2 e.g. Cohabitation viewed as unacceptable by 60+ but not by 20-30's

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