Email system and email tools

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Email system and email tools
1 Sensible email and password
1.1 A sensible email and password is good so that you can remember it , but not too easy so that someone can guess it
2 Inbox folders
2.1 Inbox folders are different folders for different people
3 CC and BCC
3.1 CC is short for Carbon Copy and BCC Is short for Blind Carbon Copy . CC is used to share copes of emails to others and BCC is used for sending copies of emails without showing any names or emails in the email you are sending
4 Address book
4.1 Address book is good because it allows you to have peoples phone numbers and other personal information from other people to get in contact witch them
5 Email etiquette and formal language
5.1 Email etiquette is good for : -Professionalism: by using proper email language your company will convey a professional image. - Efficiency: emails that get to the point are much more effective than poorly worded emails. -Protection from liability: employee awareness of email risks will protect your company from costly law suits. Formal language is good for : - always have good relevant information -appropriate greetings
6 Urgent emails
6.1 An urgent email is when a little sign comes up next to an important email so they know to open it and reply quickly because its important
7 Attachments
7.1 An attachment could be a link , a word document , a sound file , a movie , a picture , an excel document or any other file attached to an email. Sometimes attachments could be worms , Trojans or viruses , so unless your expecting it its best not opening it
8 Drafts
8.1 A draft is a simple email message you haven't seen yet . Its not the same thing as a email waiting to be sent . Its an email message you close by choosing a file
9 Automatic repsonse
9.1 Automatic response is used for if you cannot reply to an email you can leave a specific message that will send automatically
10 Email signiture
10.1 An email signiature is a block of text appended to the end of an email message often containing the users name , address, phone number or other contact information
11 Inbox rules
11.1 Inbox rules is when you receive certain emails and it will automatically sort your emails into and appropriate order suitable , its good for having personal emails and business emails separate
12 Password
12.1 A password is used for protection for personal information that stops people seeing it unless they have been given the password
13 Forward and reply
13.1 Forward means to send something to someone after receiving it from someone before . Reply means that you have replied back to an email you have received
14 Subject line
14.1 The subject line helps the people reading the email understand what its about
15 Exclamation mark
15.1 An explanation mark is to show that the email is important to needs to be seen quickly
16 Paper clip
16.1 The paper clip shows that on the email there is an attachment to o-pen a music clip , a picture or another any other document
17 Contacts
17.1 Contact is a name or email that enables people to get in contact with someone else , it hold their email , phone number or any other personal information
18 Group emails
18.1 Group emails is when you have a group of people so you can send an email to an amount of people without having to keep retyping it to send it to lots of people
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