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A-Level Physical Education Mind Map on Personality, created by Lauren Brace on 01/22/2016.

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1 "Personality is the sum total of an individuals characteristics' which make a human unique"
2 Trait theory
2.1 Eysneck
2.1.1 Split personalities up into 4 different categories
2.1.2 Introvert- Shy, reserved and aroused quickly
2.1.3 Extrovert- Not easily aroused,loud and outgoing
2.1.4 Stable- Predictable emotions and recovers from stress fast
2.1.5 Neurotic- High degrees of stress and upredictable emotions
2.2 Cattell
2.2.1 Believed personality couldn't be split into two dimensions
2.2.2 Look at a larger number of traits (16) before a complete picture of personality could be identified
2.2.3 Set out on a continuum from high to low
2.3 Girdano
2.3.1 Narrow theories down into two groups
2.3.2 Type A- Impatient,competitive,suffers stress,likes control.
2.3.3 Type B- Non competitive,works slowly,low levels of stress
2.4 Persoanlity made up of secondary traits
2.5 Inherited from parental genes
2.6 Behaviour is innate,stable and consistent
3 Social learning theory
3.1 All behaviour is learned
4 Interactionist approach
5 Personality profilling
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