Math 30 - 1

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Math 30 - 1
1 Perms and Coms
1.1 Things I (most students) get Caught on
1.1.1 1. Link between "Fundamental Counting Principle", probability and # of ways to arrange something
1.1.2 2. *Repeating items - what is unique about COLORS or Letters BANANAS # of ways to arrange 3R, 2B, 1G, 2Y where blues are NOT together
1.2 Common Types of Questions
1.2.1 Seating 1. 4B, 4G - Must Alternate 2. 4B, 4G - 3 MUST sit together 3. 5 kids, 2 parents - MUST sit in middle
1.2.2 Arrange a Word LEMONS


  • 6! (Fundamental Counting Principle... back to grade 11... eg... 6x5x4x3x2x1 assumes no letter can repeat) BANANAS


  • 7! to arrange bananas. BUTTTTT my eyes can tell the difference between the first and second and third A - so those combos look the same to me. SO we must divide out the repeating numbers. 3 A's and 2 N's. 7! / (3! 2!) Why are letters similar to (car) colors?
1.2.3 Cards What is your criteria? Suits (4), Face Value (12), Color (26) etc. How many ways are there to arrange - 3 diamonds, and 2 black cards? pick or choose? -
1.2.4 Picking from a group - e.g. of breakfast options, grade 12s and 11s, boy and girls


  • You can do 6C2 * 5C1 multiplication IF AND ONLY IF - you are picking from distinct baskets. E.g. Picking entree basket, drinks basket, dessert basket. 
1.2.5 When do you uses "cases" or ADDITION in perms and coms
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