Social Factors Affecting Growth and Development

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A-Level Health and Social Care Mind Map on Social Factors Affecting Growth and Development, created by ElleBote on 12/13/2013.

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Social Factors Affecting Growth and Development
1 Family Support
1.1 diversity of family types
1.1.1 Performs developmental function
2 Socialisation
2.1 Teaching social values, attitudes and ways of behaving
3 Access to Care Services
3.1 important for people who have chronic illness or disability
4 Culture and beliefs
4.1 way of life of a society or social group
5 education
5.1 essential for intellectual and social development
6 Social Class
6.1 A person's social and economic standing in the society
7 Community Support
7.1 Offers social contact, emotional support and intellectual stimulation
8 Peer Group Relationships
8.1 A group of people who share common characteristics
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