Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students

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CLD Students - types of assessments

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Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students
1 Initial Assessment
1.1 Home Language Survey
1.1.1 Schools systems are responsible for assessing the needs of CLD students. The majority of the school systems do this through the use of a Home Language Survey. Alabama is part of the WIDA Consortorium The W-APT or the Model are instruments of initial assessment CLD Students will be assessed in the 4 domains; SPEAKING, LISTENING, READING, & WRITING
2 Authentic Assessment
2.1 Also called......
2.1.1 Alternative Provides an alternative to traditional assessments What does it look like? Students perform!
2.1.2 Performance-Based Students PERFORM a task that is meaningful
2.1.3 Direct A more direct and meaningful application of the knowledge and skills of the student
3 Traditional Assessment
3.1 Students select a response based on recalling or recognizing information. It is designed by the teacher.
3.1.1 Complements Authentic Assessment Certain information needs to be committed to memory and recalling or recognizing is the most appropriate type of assessment
4 Portfolio Assessment
4.1 A practical way of assessing student progress throughout the school year.
4.1.1 Portfolios include samples of the student's work and evaluations The use of a Checklist or a Summary Sheet is useful for tracking the student's progress. The same skill can be evaluated for the whole class creating a comparison point for CLD students and their native speaking classmates.
5 High Stakes Assessment
5.1 Used to assess the student progress according to State Standards
5.1.1 Not an accurate way to measure the ability of CLD Students
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