Trachemys scripta elegans

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Bacteria on tortoise

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Trachemys scripta elegans
1 Red-eared slider tortoise
2 Contaminated with Salmonella bacterium
2.1 Synptoms
2.1.1 1. Diarrhea
2.1.2 3. Stomach pain
2.1.3 6. Vomiting
2.1.4 2. Fever
2.1.5 4. Nausea
2.1.6 5. Septicema
2.2 Characteristics
2.2.1 1. Gram negtive bacteria
2.2.2 2. Rod shaped bacteria
2.2.3 7. Found in aquatic and Terrestrial tortoises
2.2.4 3. Live in hard surfaces for several days
2.2.5 4. Bacteria that cause Salmonellosis
2.2.6 5. Cause serious illness to human
2.2.7 6.Name suggests: Salmonella enterica Serovar:1.S.typhimurium
2.2.8 Causes: Salmonellosis
3 Where is the bacterium live?
3.1 Tortoise's skin and shell
3.2 Gastrointestinal tract and shed through feces
3.3 Contaminated aquarium
4 People at risk
4.1 Pregnant woman
4.2 Children under one year old
4.3 Elderly and a weakend immune system
5 Salmonellosis
5.1 Zoonosis (can be transmitted from animals to people)
5.2 Associated with reptiles
5.3 How does human involved?
5.3.1 1. The water was so dirty and the tortoises were unhealthy 2. Tortoises's immune system weakened and Salmonella bacteria multiply 3. The intsetines were overloaded with bacteria and shed through their feces 4. The feces entered in water 5. Small children would put their hands or the sick little tortoises in their mouth 6.Get Salmonella infection
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