To Make Lemmium a reality we need to

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Briefing for graphic design team on Lemmium campaign. Not for further circulation

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To Make Lemmium a reality we need to
  1. 1 - Secure a change in the IUPAC naming provisions for new elements
    1. How do we do that
      1. Persuade IUPAC to propose change to decision making committee
        1. How do we do that?
          1. We show them it is good for IUPAC, science & STEM education
            1. Action 1 - Keep the campaign visible and recruit celebrity endorsements and public backers
              1. Action 2 - Develop a plan for developing STEM (Science. Technology, Engineering & Maths) materials
                1. Activity 1 - Recruit graphic design team
                  1. Activity 2 - Conceptualise scientific artworks
                    1. Activity 3 - Commission artworks by graphic design team that appeal to young people and deal with key scientific principles in an accessible and engaging format
                      1. Activity 3A
                        1. Piece on how elements combine using Minecraft style illustration
                        2. Activity 3B
                          1. Piece on how new elements discovery drove better technology especially weaponry done in World of Warcraft style
                          2. Activity 3C
                            1. Piece on scientific argument done as Banksy style graffiti
                            2. Activity 3D
                              1. Piece on space physics illustrated using Russian space art
                              2. Activity 3E
                                1. Piece on energy stored in matter and radiation using Marvel/DC comic book style
                                2. Activity 3F
                                  1. Sill working on this but probably Hunger Games and relating to natural resources
                          3. Action 3 - Engage in discussion with IUPAC
                  2. 2 -Persuade the research teams from Lawrence Livermore & Dubna to adopt and put forward Lemmium
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