Branches of Biology

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Branches of Biology
  1. Habitat
    1. Conservation Biology - concerned with the studies and schemes of habitat preservation and species protection for the purpose of alleviating extinction crisis and conserving biodiversity.
      1. .Ecobilogy.-Study adaptations in relation to habitat
      2. Stages of growth
        1. . Morphology.- it studies the constitution of the living things and the internal and external structure
          1. Comparative anatomy — The scientific study of similarities and differences in the bodily structures of distinct types of animal
          2. Geographic location
            1. Biogeography - a science that attempts to describe the changing distributions and geographic patterns of living and fossil species of plants and animals
            2. Type of diet:
              1. Biochemistry.- it is the study of the proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, etc. but it also study how they interact with the body
                1. Sitology.- Science of food, diet and nutrition.
                2. Food chain:
                  1. the ecosystem, species are connected by food chains or food webs.
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