Magazine Adverts: Text Placement

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Magazine Adverts: Text Placement
1 Foo Fighters
1.1 The Text for the band and album name create a clear brand image for the band, that would be easily recognisable for the fans. This font is also conventional for the rock genre, because it isn't actually a conventional font in general, relating to how rock music originated from rebelling from conventions
1.1.1 The font colour of "Includes Best Of You..." etc, helps with the consistency of the advert as it is a similar colour to the main colour on the advert
1.2 Conventional info: Contains the band and album name/logo; date of release; the forms you can buy the album in; the hits that are on the CD; record label logo
2 The Temperance Movement
2.1 There is minimal text, but it is laid out so that it fits well around the image of the album cover. The font of the band/album name is consistent between the album cover and at the top of the advert. The font design is very eye catching, with a very interesting use of lines and differing sizes of lettering. This therefore catches the eye of the audience
2.2 Contains the record label logo; where you can buy the album, as well as social media links for the band
3 Queens Of The Stone Age
3.1 Like with the other two adverts, the fonts for the band and album name are both quirky and interesting, which attracts the attention of the audience but also reflects the genre of rock well. This is because the unusual font reflects the rebellious nature of the origins of rock music, as it isn't following conventions.
3.2 Contains the band and album name; date; "special CD/DVD set" with details of exclusive features; record label logo and band website
3.3 The font is centred around two different colours, keeping a consistent theme throughout, which also relates to the colour scheme (and font) of the actual album cover.