Catholic vs Puritan Threat

Katie Difford
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History AS (Crown, Parliament and Authority) (Elizabeth I) Mind Map on Catholic vs Puritan Threat, created by Katie Difford on 04/12/2013.

Katie Difford
Created by Katie Difford over 6 years ago
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Catholic vs Puritan Threat
1 Significant Catholic Threat
1.1 1569 - Catholic Rebellion
1.2 Majority of population
1.3 Assassination attempts; wanted to replace Elizabeth with Mary Stuart
1.4 Pope took a stand against her
1.5 Helping with the Dutch rebels, gave Spanish a reason to help
1.6 Threats from Catholics abroard
2 Under Control Catholic Threat
2.1 Amarda success
2.2 Rebellion had little support
2.3 Protected by Phillip II
2.4 Pilgrimages banned
3 Under Control Puritan Threat
3.1 Death of influencials weakened cause
3.2 Moderates accepted the established church
3.3 Small
3.4 Did not want to overthrow government
4 Significant Puritan Threat
4.1 Sepratists wanted to disband the national church
4.2 Presbytarians wanted a reform of the church
4.3 Offered an alternative church order
4.4 Marprelate tracts, gained support
5 Questions I could use this in...
5.1 Elizabeth was in control
5.2 Elizabeth dealt with her problems well

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