Key Charles Dates (1625-26)


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Key Charles Dates (1625-26)
  1. 1625
    1. Charles becomes King
      1. Believer in Divine Right of Kings
        1. Saw critcism as treacherous and treasoneous
          1. Poor communicator
            1. Henrietta Maria had increased influence over him
              1. Favoured Armenians
                1. Absolutist
                2. Charles' First Parliament
                  1. Called to raise money for anti-Spanish expeditions
                  2. Tonnage and Poundage
                    1. Tax for "protection of the seas" from piractes but wasnt happening
                      1. Buckingham responsible so was therefore a good way to attack him
                        1. Usually given to the King in his first parliament for the whole reign but Coke and Phelips persuaded to grant it for one year
                        2. Buckingham Removes his Enemies
                          1. Purged the court of anyone who didn't support him
                            1. Bristol and the Earl of Arundel
                            2. Rest of the country began to resent the court as they felt it was under Buckinghams sway
                            3. Subsidies for War
                              1. For a continental war
                                1. Parliament was not happy as there was no decleration for war, failed Mansfield expedition and marriage to a catholic
                                  1. Only gave £140,000 and more given if improvement. Charles asked for more. They attacked Buckingham and they were dissolved
                                  2. Cadiz Expedition
                                    1. Financed using the Queen's dowry and borrowng money from an international financier
                                      1. Untrained and irresponsible troops (getting drunk), break down of discipline, retreated back to England and many starved
                                        1. A minister thought the defeat was God punishing England; "not governed by justice but by bribery and extortion"
                                      2. 1626
                                        1. Attack on Buckingham
                                          1. By Parliament
                                            1. "Our honor is ruined, our ships are sunk, our men are perished, not by the enemy...but by those we trust" - Sir John Eliot
                                              1. Arundel released but Bristol not (as had dirt on Charles). Charged with treason and parliament charged buck in response
                                                1. Charles dismissed parliament with no subsidies
                                                2. Break with France
                                                  1. Charles wanted to appease parliament and threw out Henrietta Marias servants
                                                    1. Didnt implement promised leniancies towards Roman Catholics
                                                      1. French refused to give military aid, Buck turned on French to help the Huduenots. England now at war with two most powerful countries in Europe
                                                      2. Laud's Sermon
                                                        1. "A royal command must be God's glory, and obedience to it a subjects honor"
                                                          1. Link between Arminianism and divine right of kings becoming more evident
                                                          2. Charles made Montagu a chaplain
                                                            1. York House Conference
                                                              1. Reconcile Puritans and Arminians
                                                                1. Conference held to heal religious differences and diffuse tensions
                                                                  1. Only outcome was that Arminans had support of Buckingham and therefore Charles
                                                                  2. "Benevolence"
                                                                    1. Attempt to raise money
                                                                      1. Request to taxpayers who would have paid a subsidy had it been voted, to give him money without pariliament voting it
                                                                        1. No-one wanted to pay
                                                                        2. Proclamation attacking Puritans
                                                                          1. Day of dissolving parliament, Charles issued a proclamation
                                                                            1. Seemed to support Ariminans and attack the Puritan mainstream of the Church
                                                                            2. Second Parliament
                                                                              1. Needed money.Coke and Phelips made sheriffs to prevent them standing and prevent disturbances
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