Monopolies Crisis 1601

Katie Difford
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History AS (Crown, Parliament and Authority) (Elizabeth I) Mind Map on Monopolies Crisis 1601, created by Katie Difford on 04/12/2013.

Katie Difford
Created by Katie Difford over 6 years ago
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Monopolies Crisis 1601
1 Events
1.1 Queen's tactics exploited her strengths
1.2 Patronage through monopolies allowed her to gain loyalty but costing her nothing
1.3 Used a fiscal device to make money
1.4 Intervention and Reformation
1.4.1 Elizabeth sent a message as an intervention
1.4.2 All monopolies should have a trial before being granted
1.5 Proclamation
1.5.1 Cecil = monopolies to be revoked
1.5.2 House voted speaker and 12 members to express thanks to Elizabeth. Golden Speech followed
1.6 24th Oct 1597 - 9th Feb 1598 and 27th Oct - 19th Dec 1601
1.6.1 MPs had other ideas A rising of discontent; "a response to common grievance"
1.6.2 Queen wanted subsidies to finance Spanish war
1.7 Legality
1.7.1 A bill gained support to examine legality
1.7.2 Queen said that this action was against her prerogative
2 Causes
2.1 Irish Rebellion
2.2 Tensions with parliament, meant that Elizabeth was reluctant to ask for subsidies during times of war
2.3 War
2.4 Poor economy
2.5 Lack of popularity and support
3 Consequences
3.1 Price fixing
3.2 Enrichment of courtiers at the public's expence
3.3 Widespread resentment
3.4 Agitation in the House of Commons of the 1601 Parliament
3.5 Golden Speech

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