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1.1 Endocrine disease
1.1.1 Infertility Ovulatory dysfunction markers Causes Lifestyle Infection Ovulatory disorders hyperprolactinemia Androgen excess CAH Hormone imbalance PCOS Hypothalamic pituitary insufficiency Maintenance of pregnancy Common disorders Common complications
1.2 Diabetes
1.2.1 Insulin Effect on target tissues
1.2.2 IDDM Pathophysiology Clinical markers
1.2.3 NIDDM Insulin signalling Insulin receptor structure TK-IRS-p110-pip2>pip3-PKB PKB targets GSK3 AS160 TSC1/2 FOXO Signalling defects IRS-1 aPKC Pathophysiology Effect of elevated glucose AGE/RAGE system Inflammation and mitochondria Effect of elevated lipids
1.2.4 Complications Nephropathy Retinopathy Neuropathy Athesclerosis
1.2.5 Other types MODY 11 types and mutations Treatment PNDM
1.2.6 Treatment Diet/exercise Drug therapy Sulphonylureas Glitazones PPARY Metformin AMPK DPP4 inhibitors
1.3 Hirschsprung's disease
1.3.1 Origin of ENS
1.3.2 Genetic ENS dysfunction Transcription factors SOX10 Ligands and receptors Endothelin-3 pathway Neurotrophin/RET pathway Other candidate genes Phox-2b Ncx
1.3.3 Cell bio of crest migration Imaging methods Conclusion from avian work
1.3.4 Stem cell implants and restrictions
1.3.5 ICCs and C-kit
2 Cytoskeleton
2.1 Desmin
2.1.1 Role in muscle Mitochodria Myotubules Plectin Isoforms Role in Sarcolemma and Costamere Functional role
2.1.2 Desmin related myopathy Histological observations Calcification Fibrotic lesions Mitochondrial dissorganisation Number morphology Function ADP induced respiration Mutations Phenotype Protein aggregates Pathogenesis processed by casp 6 N termial product inhibits IF Apoptosis Treatment anti-apoptotic factors inc chaperone inc autophagy atg7 inc proteosome pa28-alpha Apoptosis Anti-apoptotic factors Bcl-2
2.2 Proteastasis/myofribrillogenesis
2.2.1 The proteasome Ubiquitination Cardiac Calpain-1
2.2.2 Autophagy Macro Micro CMA Sarcomere specialised chaperones Myosin Hsp90/UNC-45 Desmin aB-Crystalin Roles Quality control Maintainence AA source Regulation Growth factor Atg genes Energy AMPK Nutrient eIF2alpha
2.2.3 Process


  • 1.Synthesised 2. Correctly folded 3. Assembled stoichiometrically (Hsp90) 4. Interact in a spatiotemporal manner Dynamic remodelling Mechanical Metabolic

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