Cell Structure

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This mind map gives a summary of cell structure for the CIE AS level syllabus 2016.

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Cell Structure
1 Magnification and Resolution
1.1 The number of times greater that an image is than the actual object
1.2 The ablity to distinguish between two objects that are very close together
2 Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
2.1 network of membranes
2.2 creates lipids and steriods e.g. cholesterol, oeestrogen etc
3 Rough endoplasmic reticulum
3.1 a network of membranes (sacs) extending from the outer membrane of the nucleur envelope
3.2 has membrane bound ribosomes on its surface
3.3 created proteins move into the cisternia where they may be modified
3.4 Vesicles break from the ER to carry proteins to the Golgi body
4 Golgi body
4.1 stack of flattened membranes
4.2 collects, sorts, processes and packages substances to be taken to other parts of the cells or secreted
4.2.1 e.g. removal of methionine from newly formed proteins to create funtional proteins
4.3 continuously being broken down and formed
5 Mitochondria
6 Lysosomes
7 Ribosomes
8 Centriolesand microtubules
9 Choroplasts
10 Cell wall
11 Large permanent vacuole and tonoplast
12 Plasmodesmata
13 Cell surface membrane
13.1 7nm thick
13.2 partiallly pearmable
13.3 trilamar appearance
13.4 controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell
14 Nucleus
14.1 Nuclelous - creates ribosomes
14.2 Nucleur envelope - double membrane surrounding nucleus
14.3 Nucleur pores - breaks in the nucleur envelope that allow substances in and out the nucleus
14.3.1 e.g. nucleotides and ATP into the nucleus, mRNA and ribosomes out of the nucleus
14.4 Chromatin - loosely coiled chromosomes which have funtional units of DNA called genes that control the activites of the cell
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