Stage Directions

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The Zoo Story - E. Albee

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Stage Directions
1 Movement
1.1 P: (puts his book down, taps out his pipe)
1.1.1 Perhaps he is consciously choosing to give J a chance and put aside his inhibitions
1.2 J wipes the knife handle clean of fingerprints
1.2.1 Demonstrating that he does care about P
1.3 He holds the knife, not to attack but to defend
1.3.1 Is this really true though?
1.3.2 Perhaps P only thinks it's in defense, but he was clearly very angry before
1.3.3 Still ends up killing J
1.4 J moves to P's bench, this is the first time he has sat during the play
1.4.1 The fact that there was another bench but he refused to sit highlights J's refusal to fit to what society wants him to be
1.5 The tickling
2 Facial Expression
2.1 P seems hypnotised
2.1.1 meta-theatre
2.2 He forces a laugh, he seems uncomfortable
2.2.1 Peter is trapped by his idea of what is socially polite, he can't leave because he knows that would be considered rude.
2.3 Peter winces
2.3.1 Peter reacts in a similar way to how the audience would at hearing these stories, through this he becomes the audiences surrogate
3 Tone
3.1 P: (lightly; by reflex) Ha, Ha!
3.2 Peter generally wavers between calm, distant and confused with some changes to furious.
3.3 J screams, sounding like an infuriated and fatally wounded animal
3.5 P: (with disgust and immpotence) You want me to give up this bench
3.5.1 He is offended that someone would ever ask something of him
3.6 Jerry is generally very aggressive and intense
3.7 P: (almost whining) No
3.7.1 Emphasises the immaturity of their argument
3.8 Jerry wearily finishes his story
3.8.1 He himself is sick of what a sorry story his life makes
3.8.2 Has shared too much
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