Biological rhythems

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Biological rhythems
1 Infradian
1.1 Cycles that are longer then 24 hours like the menstrual cycle
2 Ultradian
2.1 Cycles that happen under 24 ours like sleep
3 Menstrual cycle
3.1 Reinberg documented the menstrual cycle of a women that lived in a cave 3 months in dim light
3.1.1 Findings: Her menstrual cycle shorted, however outside factor might be why people change.
3.1.2 Russell et al found womens periods started to synchronise after smelling sweat from womens arm pits.
4 Sleep
4.1 Sleep time line
4.1.1 Stage 1: 15 minuets, the theta waves take over the Alpha waves. as the body starts to slow.
4.1.2 Stage 2: breathing + heart rate and body temperature decreases. and spindles come through. Sleep spindes are to refresh the memory and last 0.5 seconds.
4.1.3 Stage 3: Deep sleep begins and there are slower waves
4.1.4 Stage 4: 40 minuets, Delta waves are produced as well as heart rate are its lowest and limited muscle movement
4.1.5 REM: The is when there is completetly paralyses of the person only the eyes move, this is when most of the dreaming happens
4.1.6 Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 2, REM, 2,3,4,2,REM,2,3,4,2,REM
4.2 Theories
4.2.1 Ecological: it is the survival of the fittest, sleep been adaptive behaviour. Predator Avoidance: where the predator sleep longer as they have less to worry about like if something is going to eat them. Pray sleep when they are not so vulnerable Energy Conservation (Webb): These when sleep is to conserve energy at time when we don't need to be awake.
4.2.2 Restoration Physiological: During SWS sleep the body makes repairs. Stern and Morgane the normal function of REM is to restore levels of neurotransmitters. Psychological: Berry and Webb found people who sleep well during the night where less anxiet the next day then the people who had poor sleep.
5 Endogenous pacemakers
5.1 Michel Siffre
5.1.1 Spent 6 months underground and his sleep/wake cycle changed to 25-30 hour suggesting endogenouse factors as well as exgenouse factors effect out cycles for sleep.
5.2 Campbell and Murphy
5.2.1 15 volunteers slept in a lab and then woken at different times with a light shone behind their knee, suggesting that blood may carry messengers about light.
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