Analysis of Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney

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GCSE English language Mind Map on Analysis of Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney, created by Heather Crosby on 02/11/2016.

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Analysis of Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney
  1. Vocabulary
    1. squat - low level
      1. wizened - old, shrivelled or experienced
        1. stooks - corn sheaves bunched up
          1. pummels - violent, painful, punches
            1. salvo - rapid simultaneous firing of artillery
            2. Poetic Techniques
              1. Caesura (middle of a sentence :) - forces reader to stop and think about what you've read
                1. Simile - 'spits like a tame cat'
                  1. End stop - at the end of a line, makes the reader stop and think
                    1. Enjambment
                      1. Conversational style - draws you in
                        1. Uses 3rd person (we) - makes it a collective experience
                          1. Uses 2nd person (you) - talks to you as a person, engages you
                            1. Assonance - roof, good
                              1. emphasises people's link to nature/land/growing food
                              2. Alliteration - stacks/stooks
                                1. Oxymoron - exploding comfortably
                                  1. Violent words lines 16-19 - hits, spits, savage, strafes, salvo, bombarded
                                  2. The poem is written in blank verse
                                    1. No rhyming pattern
                                      1. Lack of rhyme - conflict, the storm of Irish troubles
                                      2. Follows iambic penameter
                                        1. Line 2 stressed words give impression of home/building/foundations
                                          1. Heartbeat rhythm - his homeland?
                                        2. Interpretation of the poem
                                          1. Natural power - the elements
                                            1. Last line - there's nothing they can do, nature has all the power
                                            2. Fear and isolation
                                              1. Man's relationship with nature
                                                1. Metaphor for the 'troubles' in Ireland
                                                  1. First part of the title spell Stormont - name of the Irish Parliament
                                                    1. Title has no article (the or a) - open to interpretation
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