Applied Ecclesiology Paper

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Final Paper for Ecclesiology Class (2nd class toward MAR. Prof Dr. Katherine Mowry)

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Applied Ecclesiology Paper
1 Part I
2 Strengths for embodying the Kingdom
2.1 Loving
2.2 Caring
2.3 Concern for surrounding community
3 Barriers to us embodying the Kingdom
3.1 Lack of commitment
3.2 Me first attitude
3.3 Time management
4 Part II
5 The story of God in the TCNC worshipping Community
5.1 Interacting themes with the community
6 The story of God in the TCNC surrounding Community
6.1 Interacting themes with the church
7 Part III
8 Energizing the TCNC Community
8.1 What can we do?
8.2 Who can we be?
8.3 How intentional will we be in becoming what God asks us to be in our surrounding community?
9 Part IV
10 Leading to make a change
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