Rural settlement patterns

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Rural settlement patterns
1 Aspects of settlement patterns
1.1 Horizontal:
1.1.1 Spacing of settlements; even, regular, random
1.2 Vertical:
1.2.1 The settlement hierarchy and its functions
1.3 Individual settlement shape:
1.3.1 e.g. linear, nucleated and dispersed
2 Factors affecting the development and placement of Rural areas
2.1 Physical:
2.1.1 Climate
2.1.2 Relief
2.1.3 Drainage
2.1.4 Soil type
2.1.5 Vegetation
2.1.6 Water supply
2.1.7 Rock type
2.2 Economic:
2.2.1 Transport - density and types of routes
2.2.2 Accessiblity to large urban areas
2.2.3 Ability to outbid for sites
2.2.4 Size of site available
2.2.5 Mutual attraction/ repulsion- pig farms and residential
2.2.6 Availability of raw materials - e.g. sand and shovel/ crops
2.3 Social:
2.3.1 Mutual attraction/ repulsion
2.3.2 Historical - conservation
2.3.3 Population size, type and characteristics
2.3.4 Religious factors
2.4 Political:
2.4.1 Planning controls- national parks/ nature reserves
2.4.2 Controls on farming
2.4.3 Government uses - e.g. military ranges
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